30 Watch Jargons You Need to Know

30 Watch Jargons You Need to Know
30 Watch Jargons You Need to Know

The watch world has been stereotyped as the world for males attributable to the array of terminologies utilized by producers and wearers. The watch jargon could also be important in some methods to non-watch individuals.

For one, they can be utilized to elucidate how a easy watch works. And two, if a person is enthusiastic about a more profound sense and objective of watchmaking.

You don’t should be an expert to take pleasure in the astounding world of horology. Nevertheless, once you have a higher understanding of the phrases used, will probably be simpler to deliberate what you like and what you can afford.


A mechanical watch that’s wound by the wearer’s wrist movement as a substitute of twisting the crown. The wrist movement strikes a counterweight that powers the mainspring and turns the watch’s gears.

Balance Wheel

An oscillating weighted wheel at a fixed price, which strikes the watch’s gears and permits the hands to maneuver ahead.

Balance Spring

A fragile spring connected to the stability wheel that controls the oscillating stability wheel price. Also known as hairspring.


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