best plunger for elongated toilet

best plunger for elongated toilet
best plunger for elongated toilet

When it comes to plunging an elongated toilet, it’s important to choose a plunger that is specifically designed for that type of toilet bowl.

  1. Beehive plunger: This type of plunger has a shape that resembles a beehive or a mushroom. The shape makes it easy to create suction in an elongated toilet bowl.
  2. Taze plunger: The Taze plunger is another good option for elongated toilet bowls. It has a unique shape that allows for easy insertion into the bowl, and it creates a strong seal for effective plunging.
  3. Accordion plunger: The accordion plunger has a long, narrow shape that is ideal for use in an elongated toilet bowl. The accordion design allows for maximum suction and pressure to be applied.

Remember, regardless of the type of plunger you choose, it’s important to use it correctly to avoid making a mess or causing damage to your toilet. Be sure to create a good seal around the drain, and use a steady, firm motion to create suction and clear the clog.


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