How to Check PC Specs Windows 10

how to check pc specs windows 10
how to check pc specs windows 10

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How to check computer specifications home windows 10:

Are you thinking what hardware components your laptop is walking on? Knowing your pc’s specifications is vital, in particular while you want to improve or troubleshoot your tool. Luckily, windows 10 has integrated equipment that allow you to test your laptop specs quickly and without problems. In this newsletter, we can walk you via the steps of how to check pc specs on windows 10.

Why Checking Your laptop specs is critical?

Before we dive into the information, permit’s first understand why checking your pc specifications is essential.

Determine in case your laptop meets the gadget requirements for a particular software or game
Test if your pc is running at its superior performance
Pick out which hardware components want upgrading or changing
Troubleshoot troubles associated with your computer’s performance or compatibility with certain software program or programs.

Now that we’ve got installed the importance of checking your laptop specs, permit’s flow directly to the stairs on how to do it.

Step 1: Checking Your Processor and RAM

Step one in checking your laptop specs is to determine the processor and RAM established for your computer. Here’s how to do it:

Beneath the “tool specifications” section, you could see the processor and RAM mounted on your pc.
Step 2: Checking Your storage area

The next step is to check your pc’s garage space. Right here’s how:

Below “devices and drives,” you may see the to be had storage area for your computer.
Step three: Checking Your images Card

In case you use your computer for gaming or graphic-extensive responsibilities, you may need to test your pics card. Here’s how to do it:

Kind “dxdiag” and press input.
Step 4: Checking Your network Adaptor

If you need to test your network adapter, here’s how:

Increase the “community adapters” section to peer the community adapter set up in your computer.
Step five: Checking Your Sound Card

Finally, in case you want to test your sound card, here’s how:

Extend the “Sound, video, and sport controllers” section to peer the sound card established on your computer.

Congratulations! You now realize how to check your computer specs on home windows 10. Remember, checking your computer specifications is critical for preserving your laptop’s surest overall performance and making sure that it meets the machine requirements for the programs and games you want to apply.


In conclusion, checking your laptop specs on windows 10 is an clean and simple manner that does not require any 0.33-birthday party software program. Understanding your pc’s specs can help you troubleshoot issues, perceive additives that need upgrading, and make certain that your computer is running at its most appropriate overall performance. We are hoping that this text has helped you apprehend how to test your laptop specifications on home windows 10.

Is it essential to test my laptop specs often?
It isn’t always necessary to check your pc specs regularly, however it’s far encouraged to do it when you want to improve or troubleshoot your laptop.
Can i improve my computer
How to test laptop specs:

Whilst it comes to buying a new pc or upgrading an existing one, it is vital to realize the specs of your device. Computer specs may be used to determine the overall performance of your laptop, the software and hardware requirements, and the compatibility of different programs. In this newsletter, we are able to talk how to test pc specs in a few simple steps.

Know-how the basics of computer specifications

Before we dive into the steps on how to test computer specifications, permit’s first apprehend the fundamentals of what laptop specs are and what they mean. Laptop specifications confer with the technical specifications of a pc and encompass details like the processor, RAM, garage, and pics card. Those specifications are used to decide the performance of your pc and the kind of packages that may be run on it.


The processor, also referred to as the principal Processing Unit (CPU), is liable for wearing out all of the calculations and instructions given to the computer. The processor velocity is measured in gigahertz (GHz) and determines how rapid the computer can perform.


Random get right of entry to reminiscence (RAM) is the temporary memory that the computer uses to store facts at the same time as going for walks programs.


The garage of a pc refers to the amount of area to be had to save documents and information. There are types of garage:

Photos Card

The pictures card, additionally called the Video Processing Unit (VPU), is liable for processing and rendering pictures at the computer. It’s miles crucial for gaming and photo layout programs.

How to test laptop specs

Now that we’ve a basic expertise of laptop specs, let’s dive into the steps on how to test pc specs.

Step 1: Open the Settings Menu

Click at the start menu, after which click on on the gear icon to open the Settings menu.

Step 2: click on on machine
Step three: click on on approximately

In the machine menu, click on on the about choice.

Step four: View the pc specs

Underneath the device specs section, you can view the processor, RAM, and gadget type. Below the windows specifications section, you could view the home windows version, model, and machine kind. Below the device id section, you can view the serial variety of your pc.

Step five: View the graphics Card

To view the photographs card of your laptop, click on on the show choice in the left-hand menu. Beneath the show menu, you can view the graphics card model and the show decision.

Step 6: Use 0.33-birthday celebration software

In case you want to view extra special pc specifications, you may use 1/3-birthday party software program like CPU-Z or Speccy. These software programs provide exact records approximately the computer’s hardware and software program specifications.


In end, checking pc specs is essential to ensure that your device meets the necessities of the programs you want to run. By means of following the stairs outlined in this article, you can without difficulty check your laptop specifications and make knowledgeable decisions whilst shopping or upgrading your tool.

What are the maximum critical laptop specs to don’t forget?
The maximum critical laptop specifications to consider are the processor, RAM, and garage.
It relies upon on the computer model and manufacturer. A few laptops permit for improvements, whilst others have additives which are soldered onto the motherboard.
How do I recognise if my pc can run a positive game or


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