Polestar and Luminar expand LiDAR collaboration

Polestar and Luminar expand LiDAR collaboration
Polestar and Luminar expand LiDAR collaboration

Polestar, a Swedish electric car manufacturer, and Luminar, a US-based lidar technology company, have announced an expansion of their collaboration on advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicle technology. The partnership aims to improve the safety and performance of Polestar’s future electric vehicles.

Luminar will provide its high-performance lidar technology and perception software to Polestar, which will be integrated into the vehicle’s ADAS system. The lidar technology uses laser pulses to detect the distance and shape of objects around the vehicle, providing accurate 3D maps of the environment. This data is then used to enable advanced safety features such as automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and lane-keeping assist, as well as future autonomous driving capabilities.

The collaboration will enable Polestar to offer advanced safety features and autonomous driving capabilities in its upcoming electric vehicles, which are expected to debut in 2022. Polestar and Luminar have been working together since 2019, and the expansion of their partnership signals a growing interest in lidar technology for automotive applications.

Polestar is owned by the Volvo Car Group and is known for its performance-oriented electric vehicles, while Luminar is a leader in lidar technology and has partnerships with other major automotive manufacturers. The two companies hope that their collaboration will help drive innovation in ADAS and autonomous vehicle technology, making driving safer and more efficient.


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